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Tallbeat stilt drumming troupe brings the percussion rhythms of North East Brazil to the rest of the world from a great height! TallBeat was founded in Toronto, Canada, where this form of traditional music has flowered and grown. The stilts make our vibe larger than life. It's an experience that will remain etched in your mindsRead More »TALLBEAT


Papo Ross moved to Montreal (Canada) in 1990 to serve as a musical director for another Dominican group based in the city. In April 1992 he founded Pambiche. Since then, this 13-piece powerhouse has established itself as a leader of Canada’s latin music scene with its groovin’ Afro-Latin rhythms deeply rooted in the Caribbean. PapoRead More »PAPO ROSS


Lu Jayan, a versatile artist born in Venezuela and now based in Canada, is a true musical powerhouse, excelling as a singer, songwriter, music producer, sound engineer, and a highly sought-after background vocalist. His exceptional journey has earned him a well-deserved place in prestigious organizations like the "Latin Grammys," BMI, and the Canadian Academy ofRead More »LU JAYAN


Alejandro Jauregui, known as “El Charro de Jalisco” (The Charro of Jalisco), has been singing passionately for 12 years, drawing inspiration from Mexican music icons like Pedro Infante. Originally from Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, Alejandro dedicates himself to Mariachi music and can often be found performing at Tequila Imperial restaurant.


Born in Cali, Colombia. “La Sucursal de la Salsa”. John Alejandro Caicedo is also better known as DJ ALEJO, Its an award winning DJ/Artist - Producer known for his Latin roots and unique style which contagiously spins off from his turntables in the most highlighted events in the country and second home Canada.   Established inRead More »DJ ALEJO

Zumba With Nelcy

Nelcy embarked on her fitness journey in 2017 when she became a licensed Zumba Instructor. Born and raised in the heart of the St. Clair West community in Toronto, she decided to share and teach her passion for Latin-inspired dance right where she grew up. With a vibrant blend of Chilean and Colombian heritage, Nelcy'sRead More »Zumba With Nelcy

Sentir Venezuela Ensemble

Dive into the vibrant sounds of Venezuela with Sentir Venezuela Ensemble! This group is set to dazzle and delight audiences at the TLN Fiesta Parade, led by the talented musical director, José Javier Blanco, the lineup includes Jesus Galdona, Y Josephine, Carlos Galdona, and Juan Tambores. Get ready to experience the essence of Venezuelan rhythmsRead More »Sentir Venezuela Ensemble

Abianico Dance Company

Abanico Dance Academy founded in 2015 in Toronto, ON, teaches adults, teens and children the most popular Latin dance styles (Salsa & Bachata) at social, recreational, performance and competitive levels. With our eye on performing and entertaining we can take a student from social to competitive dancer.   We carefully create dance courses, classes, workshops andRead More »Abianico Dance Company

Son D’Aqui

Son D’Aqui is a proficient, effervescent Salsa orchestra based in the Greater Toronto Area. The band was established in 2017, by two of the city's leading percussionists, Vince Alvarado and Johan Aguirre. Debuting at Lula Lounge, one of Toronto’s top live music venues, they quickly gained popularity for paying tributes to Latin music legends, earningRead More »Son D’Aqui

Sazon Dance Company

Igniting Toronto with Latin fire and passion. The name "Sazon," meaning seasoning, embodies our commitment to infuse every dance with the vibrant, diverse, and dynamic essence of Latin culture, creating a flavorful and authentic experience in every movement for our performance teams and classes.