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» 330,000+ attendees with 28% increase from the previous year.

» Nearly one-third of attendees residing more than 40km away.

» Over 60% of attendees say they prefer companies that support their favourite events.

» An equal distribution of attendees: Hispanic descent (34%), English speakers (33%) and from other multicultural backgrounds (33%).

» The attendees are Male 54%, female 44% and non-binary 2% and between the ages of 20-49

» A live grassroots event with face to face marketing opportunities.

» High impact marketing campaign with extensive pre and post event exposure across TV, Print, Radio and Digital Media.

» Powerful social media promotion (#SalsaonStClair trended Top 2 across Canada in 2016)

» Now in its 18th year, a renowned summer event supported by all levels of government.

» TD Salsa in Toronto and TD Salsa on St Clair are produced by Canadian Salsa Festivals Project, a federal not-for-profit corporation.

» Exposure in leading national and local media outlets across all platforms.

Quality of Entertainment
Variety of Food

Over 97% of Attendees Enjoyed the Quality of Entertainment, Atmosphere & Quality of Food beverage


Attendance includes a multicultural spectrum that reflects Toronto’s diversity


A multigenerational event that attracts families, couples and singles.

Distance from Site

77% of attendees resided more than 40km from event site.