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Zumba With Nelcy

Nelcy embarked on her fitness journey in 2017 when she became a licensed Zumba Instructor. Born and raised in the heart of the St. Clair West community in Toronto, she decided to share and teach her passion for Latin-inspired dance right where she grew up. With a vibrant blend of Chilean and Colombian heritage, Nelcy’s cultural roots deeply influence her rhythmic movements. Nelcy holds 11 years of dancing experience and started working as a Zumba instructor at Shapefitness gym in 2017, formerly known as Uptown Fitness (located at St. Clair Ave W & Dufferin St). Nelcy’s infectious love for Zumba and wellness has led her to network and perform at various Zumba masterclasses and fundraisers across the City. Nelcy’s passion for dance and fitness shines through, inspiring those around her to lead healthier, happier lives through movement.