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We have fun dancing … and so will you!  Join Shumdesalsa on the dance floor, the street, even the Malecon in Havana – and dance with us!  Dailyn Martinez and Enrico Casertano.

Shumdesalsa started in 2016 with the goal of spreading Cuban Casino (salsa) and Afro Cuban rhythms.

Born in Güines, Cuba, Dailyn graduated from the National School of Art and Variety, renowned for developing Cuban artistic talent.

Later she danced for the internationally acclaimed  Havana Nights performance group.

Shumdesalsa  has  always been a mobile company with different location for their classes.  Presently classes are offered at Lula Lounge, Balance Fitness and Spinal Wellness Clinic.

We are so mobile in fact, we have hosted four tours to Havana, Cuba with ElderTreks Travel Agency offering the most genuine Cuban salsa experience.

So what does “Shum” mean?  Well, “Shum” is a Dailynism which she uses to express a free spirit of movement with the music, letting go of your fears. And always on time … just like a Cuban!

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