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Mexican Cultural Centre

Casa Cultural Mexicana is a not-for-profit organization, founded in 2014 as part of the expansion and response to the Community’s cultural needs to be the home of Mexican and Latin American culture, traditions, art and cuisine where you can find multi activities such as dance, music, painting, art exhibits, a variety of workshops and cultural festivals also Casa Cultural Mexicana serves as a hub for Canadian individuals, artists, and organizations interested in exploring, sharing or learning about the cultural legacy of Mexico and Latin American countries. 

During the past years, Casa Cultural Mexicana has helped in giving identity to the children and youth, brought together adults and supported seniors creating specific programs for each age, and understanding that we are heirs to a remarkable culture in the world, with will allow us to be better with the Canadian Community. 

Casa Cultural Mexicana has been participating, creator and diffuser of a variety of cultural events within the Canadian Community divided as follow: 

Classes and Workshops: Mexican Folkloric Dance, Guitar lessons, Spanish language lessons, Aztec dance classes, Painting, Mexican gastronomy workshop, Saturday Art program, singing lessons. 

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