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Leonardo Garcia & Son Horizonte

Leonardo Garcia y Son Horizonte is an ensemble that was formed to explore a wide variety of original compositions and arrangements, and a wide variety of Salsa and Salsa Jazz, from the classic style (salsa dura), Son Montuno to Salsa Urbana, including the band’s original salsa music. Leonardo’s roots from Colombia (mother from Bogota and father from Santa Marta) is a major influence, along with the wealth of Washington DC area Jazz history and musicians, and Latin American cultures. This blend of influences and styles is apparent in the compositions, recordings and performances that Leonardo offers to the audience. 

Since 2019 Son Horizonte has taken its music to perform at a variety of live venues, across the country, and maintains a busy schedule of performing and recording. While they are a performing band, they are also Recording Academy artists, award winners, and endorsed performing artists, found throughout social media and digital music platforms. 

In the spirit of collaboration, Leonardo and the band have been diving into their productions and creations, along with songs from other members of the group, to bring originality to the Salsa and Latin Jazz genre.